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How to Find a Mentor in Game Development

You’re now at a point in your life where you know exactly what you would like to do as a career. You have done the pre-training to help you with admissions into college. Now what? Who will help direct you and make sure you do the right thing? It’s time to find a mentor. What…

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Game Development Career Night Photo 04 | AIE

Game Development Career Night: Level Up Your Interviewing Skills

This is the final article of this three part series of AIE (the Academy of Interactive Entertainment) and IGDA’s (Indie Game Developer’s Association) Career Night. In this article, Anthony from Seattle Indies will sharing how we can prepare for an interview at a studio, learned from industry professionals present at the Career Night that took…

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Global Game Jam 2019 Image 05 | AIE

Global Game Jam 2019

2019 marks the third consecutive year AIE has been co-hosting Global Game Jam with our partners the Seattle Indies, IGDA (Indie Game Developer’s Association) and the Pacific Science Center. Building 4 and the Ackerley area of the Pacific Science Center belonged to the game devs for the weekend, and during normal museum hours. For game…

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PAX South 2019 | AIE

PAX South 2019

Stick a fork in PAX South 2019. It’s done! Thousands of gamers, button mashers, and cosplayers braved the brisk and icy winds of San Antonio to attend the fifth annual Penny Arcade Expo, otherwise known as PAX South. This year’s event was by far the largest yet in the near half a dozen times the…

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Game Development Career Night: Level Up Your Resume Skills

This is a part two of a three part series of AIE (the Academy of Interactive Entertainment) and IGDA’s (Indie Game Developer’s Association) Career Night. In this article, Anthony from Seattle Indies will be highlighting key points on resumes, learned from the Career Night that took place on January 14th, 2019. What should we highlight…

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Game Development Career Night: Level Up Your Job Hunting Skills

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) and the International Game Developers Association, Seattle, ( recently hosted an evening career workshop at AIE’s campus called: Game Development Career Night: Level Up Your Job Hunting Skills. The event was centered around AIE students, alumni, and professionals from a variety of backgrounds. The event was split up into…

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Interactive Experience Day January 2019 Photo 02 | AIE

January 12th Interactive Experience Day

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment hosted its quarterly Interactive Experience Day on Saturday, January 12th 2019. The event was split up into two main parts, starting with an introduction on what AIE has to offer future students, and concluding with two introductory classes on programming or 3D modeling. The focus of AIE’s curriculum is ensuring…

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AIE Alumna Credit on Spyro Reignited Trilogy

“Spyro Reignited Trilogy has been my favorite project that I’ve worked on so far at Keywords Lakshya. Working with these people was truly a joy, and I hope to one day work with them again on another game!” – Karen Koon (Game Art & Animation alumna, Associate Outsourcing Producer at Keywords Studios) In 2017, Karen…

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AIE Student Perks

Starting your college education at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in 2019? Read on to find out more about what kind of perks students receive while studying at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Seattle and Lafayette. No Out of State Tuition The Academy of Interactive Entertainment believes in equality for all who have a…

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Jobs for Creative Introverts

A lot of people consider jobs for introverts to be ironic, but it’s more of a stigma than most people realize. At the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, an overwhelming majority of our students and those interested in studying on our campus, consider themselves to be introverts. Our staff and instructors understand and recognize that both…

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Game Design & Production Assessment

The Game Design & Production students have begun their presentations for their end of the year assessments. A lot of pressure has been put on for the new program. From creating a game design document to stepping into the producer role for streamlining game art assets, the class has gotten its first taste of the…

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Cami Smith | AIE

Career Development at AIE

“At the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, we work very hard at encouraging our students to build relationships with people in the industry. Relationships can make a difference when looking and applying for jobs. I am super thankful for all the people in the video game and animation communities that take the time to visit our…

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Game Art & Animation 1st Year Assessment: Character Pipeline

Erika Amos (Game Art & Animation) Kylie Walker (Game Art & Animation) The Game Art & Animation students are now is their team assessment, which features a Good vs Evil Character Pipeline. In this creative battle, students are split into team formation to produce a group of models that are ready for production, complete with…

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On Short Film Score Arrangement - Academy of Interactive Entertainment

Cacophony and Ink: VFX Final Film Score Arrangement

“There’s a witch that has this magical ink. She brings things to life out of the canvas, then she leaves, then the apprentice comes out. He tries to do it himself, but it’s just cacophony and ink.” – Alyssa Sperling (2nd Year VFX) Video game and film composer, Douglas Yassen (Iron Heart Music Studios) visited…

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VFX Alumna Recruited by The Love Foundation - Academy of Interactive Entertainment

VFX Alumna Recruited by The Love Foundation

3D Animation & VFX for Film alumna Tyler “Dione” Arnold was recently recruited by The Love Foundation, a philanthropic arm of the nation of Belize’s privately-owned multimedia company. The Love Foundation also advises and administrates donor and charitable funds. They have successfully donated over $2 million in promotions to non-governmental organizations, helping them achieve their…

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Big Fish Games 16 | AIE

Big Fish Games at AIE

The art team at prestigious mobile studio, Big Fish Games, visited our Seattle campus today. The veteran artists reviewed portfolios of our students specializing in several forms of art and animation. “You all are doing a 2-year program? That’s awesome – I did exactly that too, years ago.” – John Nangle (3D Modeling, Unity, Game…

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5 Things Every Game Developer Needs to Know 04 | AIE

5 Things Every Game Developer Needs to Know

Turning something that was once just your hobby into your day-to-day job no longer allows that thing to be your hobby. My advice? Get away from the screen and go outside! We’re lucky to live in a place like Seattle where there are tons of parks nearby. As a daily ritual, we all take a…

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Collidalot Launches on Switch 02 | AIE

AIE Alumni Launches Collidalot on Nintendo Switch

From college project, to launching on Nintendo Switch. We are immensely proud of our AIE Alumni Andrew Ward (Game Programming), Connor Adam (Game Programming), Matthew VanCompernolle (Game Programming) and Tim Tsai (Game Art & Animation) for launching their debut game on Nintendo Switch! All second-year students from all programs form into groups to create their major…

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What Type of Math Is Required to Become a Game Designer?

Trigonometry Google says trigonometry is: “the branch of mathematics dealing with the relations of the sides and angles of triangles and with the relevant functions of any angles,” which might sound a little boring at first, but let’s break that down a bit. Two of the most primitive forms of AI (Artificial Intelligence) are Turrets…

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Tips from Our Alumni

If you plan on starting your educational journey at AIE in 2019/2020, here are some awesome tips from our alumni. Leadership and being a team player are not mutually exclusive “What I have discovered that gives you an edge in this industry, is learning the pipeline and how your role affects other team members. If…

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What Is Interactive Experience Day?

AIE hosts many events throughout the year for our students, parents, and school counselors, but what is Interactive Experience Day? Some of the events we regularly host on Saturdays is typically one of the two: our Open House and Interactive Experience Day (I-Days). What happens at an I-Day? I-Days are significantly different than our Open…

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Is a Career in VFX Right for Me?

Wondering if a career in VFX right for you? The visual effects industry for film has evolved into one of the top career choices today. It easily dominates areas of the entertainment industry such as TV and Film, Game Development, Animation, Advertising, the list goes on. What is it about VFX that makes sense to…

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Mentorship at AIE

“The mentorship at AIE was enlightening. I got to see what the second years were working on and understand how they problem solved the very things I struggled with. I learned the importance of community, and being able to share your discoveries and grow as a team. It’s something I’ve taken with me into the…

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