About AIE

Mission statement

"AIE trains students for employment and career opportunities in 3D animation, game development and related fields through the provision of world class education as well as acting as a catalyst to build these industries."

AIE is a non-profit educator established in 1996 to grow and support the game industry. Our unique curriculum is offered in the United States and Australia, and provides you with the training needed to join our other graduates as entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators in the video game and film industries. We were one of the first colleges in the world to offer specialized training for 3D animation and video game development.

AIE has grown significantly over the years, starting from its roots in Canberra growing along steadily with the interactive media industry. We have seven campuses: four in Australia: Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, two in the United States, Seattle and Lafayette and a dedicated Online campus. AIE is known for providing hands-on vocational training in studio settings taught by faculty that have worked in the industry.

Our focus and mission is to connect passionate students with the skills they need to be successful in their chosen career. Alumni of AIE's courses have gone on to do many amazing things in many industries, most especially video games. Chances are you have played many of our alumni's games (Fruit Ninja, Bioshock, Mass Effect, World of Tanks, etc.) and seen many examples of work that our alumni have helped create as programmers, artists, animators, and visionaries. Feel free to look over our graduate destinations.

An education at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment is characterized by:

  • The latest 3D animation and game design technologies
  • First-class, hands-on education in a studio-style environment
  • A close relationship with the video game and 3D animation industries
  • An extremely high rate of graduate employment
  • An extremely high rate of student satisfaction
  • Practical industry-focused education
  • Adaptive courses to meet the demands of the industry

College Learning Outcomes

Academy of Interactive Entertainment students, faculty, staff and administration are committed to the employability of our graduates. We promote the knowledge, habits and skills leading to success in a diverse, technological and information-driven society.

  • Interact ethically in diverse and complex situations
  • Communicate successfully across cultures
  • Value own and others’ individuality
  • Use honest and ethical behavior in all actions
  • Work together with colleagues in an efficient, supportive and productive manner
  • Organize and work in team structures to undertake and complete projects
  • Demonstrate speaking, listening and writing skills effectively
  • Analyze and respond to the needs of clients with sensitivity
  • Utilize lines of communication to convey information effectively
  • Demonstrate job-specific technical skills for entry level employment
  • 'Meet industry-specific skills standards and professional quality standards
  • Monitor one’s own performance to achieve professional standards
Problem Solving
  • Apply decision making strategies
  • Use multiple resources to gather information to solve problems
  • Reflect on and improve one’s own performance
  • Assume responsibility for assigned tasks
  • Assume responsibility for supporting a team as a member of the team
  • Take responsibility for own learning

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