VFX Alumna Recruited by The Love Foundation

3D Animation & VFX for Film alumna Tyler “Dione” Arnold was recently recruited by The Love Foundation, a philanthropic arm of the nation of Belize’s privately-owned multimedia company. The Love Foundation also advises and administrates donor and charitable funds. They have successfully donated over $2 million in promotions to non-governmental organizations, helping them achieve their promotional and fundraising goals.

VFX Alumna Recruited by The Love Foundation - Academy of Interactive Entertainment“The campaign uses a variety of programs I learned how to use from my time at AIE. I’m also excited to be creating storyboards in support of outreach to the youth, partners with the colleges in the country, and learning programs. Our mission is to beautify Belize with good morals and respect. Social justice is important to me, and I have family in Belize! It’s nice to have a real emotional connection to their cause and my work.” - Tyler "Dione" Arnold, (3D Animation & VFX for Film alumna)

The big picture of our work since 2014 has been community development, creating opportunities for youth and their families to increase academic performance, give back to their communities and overall find positive ways to deal with their everyday setbacks and trauma. The idea that a healthy, productive lifestyle is not an unattainable dream, but rather a reachable goal involving values, attitudes, developing concepts and skills that can be learned and put into practice is the message we have taken out into our communities, guided always by the notion that anybody can be successful, regardless of his or her circumstances.” – The Love FoundationBelize.org