Big Fish Games at AIE

The art team at prestigious mobile studio, Big Fish Games, visited our Seattle campus today. The veteran artists reviewed portfolios of our students specializing in several forms of art and animation.

“You all are doing a 2-year program? That's awesome - I did exactly that too, years ago.” – John Nangle (3D Modeling, Unity, Game Pipeline at Big Fish Games)

Students from our Game Art & Animation and 3D Animation & VFX for Film programs showcased their best work. The artists of Big Fish Games were attentive, and gave our students honest critique, along with helpful tips on how to prepare for the industry in their expertise. There was even a little debate in sharing their go-to Super Smash Bros. characters.

“Not everyone is going to be working on AAA titles all the time, so it’s good to branch out.” – Hamzah Kasom Osman, (Illustration, Character, Environment Design & Art Direction at Big Fish Games)

The afternoon was spent sharing stories of teamwork, and their experiences that helped shape their career path. While most of the industry hungers for specialization, these experienced artists have managed to break into the industry in their own way.

The Big Fish team embraces their generalists, entrusting their senior artists to wear several hats. This is the result of their exemplary work ethic and world-class innovation.

“Everyone starting out thinks it’s wrong to ask questiions - don't be afraid to ask questions.” – Jacob Rouse, (Tech Art, Unity & Pipeline at Big Fish Games)

The staff at AIE would like to give big thanks to the Big Fish artists: Michael Barran (Animation, Rigging & VFX), Ted Galaday (Illustration, Character, Environment Design & Art Direction), Sandie Chun (Illustrator, Designer & Story Artist), Hamzah Kasom Osman (Illustration, Character, Environment Design & Art Direction), John Nangle (3D Modeling, Unity, Game Pipeline) and Jacob Rouse (Tech Art, Unity & Pipeline) for their lending their experience and guidance to the next generation of industry professionals.