What Is Interactive Experience Day?

AIE hosts many events throughout the year for our students, parents, and school counselors, but what is Interactive Experience Day? Some of the events we regularly host on Saturdays is typically one of the two: our Open House and Interactive Experience Day (I-Days).

What happens at an I-Day?

I-Days are significantly different than our Open House.

The lessons you’ll learn from these workshops are designed for learning the basics of what we teach in our programs. I-Days are an open invitation to explore what is possible with industry standard software and set in a collaborative studio classroom.

Think of I-Days as a free hands-on experience workshop. We start off the day with a Q&A session with an industry professional, much like our Lunchbox Wednesday Speaker events. Then, you will choose the workshop you’ll want to participate in.

Game Programming Workshop

In the programming workshop you will use a math solution to crack a code to control the ball in Pong!

Game Design Workshop

Explore gameplay mechanics of game design and what it takes to make a game fun!

Game Art & VFX Workshop

Learn the basics of 3D modeling using one of industry standard tools, ZBrush.