Intro Courses in Game Development and Film

Are the Intro Courses right for me?

Intro Courses are a great way for anyone who may be interested in getting their feet wet in a certain program in a small classroom setting, or if someone is particularly interested in what a career in video games or film might be like. Whether you are in high school or an adult who wants to gain more knowledge and hands-on experience, you'll have the opportunity to learn any of these areas in just 8 weeks.

Introduction to Game Design

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Introduction to Game Programming

Introduction to Game Programming Feature Image | AIE

Introduction to 3D Animation

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You'll learn a balanced variety of techniques that will help you kick-start a portfolio in film and games. All courses take place Wednesday evening at 6:30pm once weekly for 8 weeks. The class runs 2 and a half hours with a few short breaks in between sessions. Instructors are available to help the student outside of class via e-mail according to their regular office hours. All course curriculum is tailored for beginners and for those who have none-to-little experience with the tools or areas of expertise If you have already taken an intro course and decided it was something you'd like to pursue even further - check out our programs for more in-depth training: Game Design & Production, Game Programming, Game Art & Animation, 3D Animation & VFX for Film.

For more information on the next registration dates for any of these courses, head on over to our Intro Courses page. If you have any concerns regarding any of our Intro Courses, we are more than happy to assist you with any questions via your preferred method of contact by visiting our Contact page.