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Game ProgrammingAdvanced Diploma of Professional Game Development
Associate of Occupational Studies in Game Programming

Drive the development process and bring games to life.

Game programmers write the code that brings games to life. They design the overall framework for a game and create the artificial intelligence programs to power characters in the game.

Year 1
The first year is a foundation year. The course takes students through languages and technologies used heavily by the gaming industry, including C++, C#, OpenGL, game libraries and version control as well as developing math, problem solving and practical programming proficiency.

Year 2
The second year builds on the students’ core language skills with more advanced techniques and development using industry standard game engines. Students focus on polishing their skills in all aspects of C++ programming before focusing on specialized areas and develop on multiple platforms. By the end of the second year, students will have experience in 3D graphics, artificial intelligence, networking, physics and collision, console hardware, profiling and project management.

Major Game Project

In the last half of year 2, game art and game programming students work together in development teams to design and produce playable video game demos.

The training environment closely mirrors the real world production cycle as it would occur in an industry studio, covering the entire process from pitching the game idea, through writing game design documents, evaluating technical requirements, managing workload, meeting deadlines, bug-fixing, QA testing and market analysis of the game.

Accredited Qualifications

Advanced Diploma - Seattle and Lafayette Campuses

The Advanced Diploma program runs over two-years for 65 semester credit hours. This program is approved by the Council on Occupational Education and the US Department of Education.

Associate Degree - Lafayette Campus

The Associate Degree program runs over two an a half years or five semesters for 80 semester credits. This program is approved by the Council on Occupational Education and US Department of Education.

The Associate of Occupational Studies in Game Programming adds an academic component with the goal of producing graduates exposed to basic academic principles in addition to the technological aspects of the Avanced Diploma program.

General Education Courses required: 15 semester credit hours

  • English Composition
  • College Algebra
  • Introduction to Physical Science
  • Introduction to Visual Arts
  • Introduction to Sociology

“The transfer of credits that a student earns at AIE Lafayette is at the complete discretion of the institution to which he/she may seek to transfer. For this reason, the student should make certain that his/her attendance at AIE will meet his/her educational goals. AIE Lafayette does not imply, promise or guarantee that any credits earned will transfer or be accepted by any other institution. It is the student’s responsibility to find out in advance of enrollment whether the receiving institution will recognize/accept any credits/courses earned at AIE”


Students utilize industry standard software and resources such as:

  • Visual Studio — Programming in C, C++ and C#
  • Open GL — Graphics development
  • Unity — Game Design and Prototyping
  • GITHUB — Collaboration and version control
Learning Objectives

For full program details, please see our Student Handbook

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