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Game ProgrammingAdvanced Diploma of Professional Game Development


The Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development was developed in response to industry needs and driven by extensive consultation with local and international game development studios, the Advanced Diploma is a two-year full-time course, focused on getting students to meet or exceed industry expectations in order to gain employment with a development studio or to develop their own independent games.

Game programmers drive the game development process, creating the framework, functionality and interaction in the game. As the essential ingredient in the development process, game programmers are highly valued and in demand.

Next Intake: Aug 2019

Major Game Project

In the last half of year 2, game art and game programming students work together in development teams to design and produce playable video game demos.

The training environment closely mirrors the real world production cycle as it would occur in an industry studio, covering the entire process from pitching the game idea, through writing game design documents, evaluating technical requirements, managing workload, meeting deadlines, bug-fixing, QA testing and market analysis of the game.


Year One

  • Game Programming with C
  • Game Programming with C++
  • Game Programming with C#
  • Open GL
  • Game Libraries
  • Version control

Year Two

  • 3D Graphics,
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Networking Physics and Collision,
  • Console Hardware
  • Profiling
  • Project Management
Learning Objectives
Gainful Employment

For full program details, please see our Student Handbook