How to Prevent Creative Block

If you aren’t sure how to prevent creative block – don’t panic. We’ll go over some simple techniques on creative block prevention that you can put into action right away.

1. Identify your inspiration triggers.

Look at some of your best pieces of work. Reflect on why you created that piece and why it’s significant to you. Think about what inspired you to create that animation or piece of concept art. If you’re a game developer, narrow down your 3 of your favorite games, and reflect on what makes them your favorite. You might want to conduct some of your own research and see what inspired the development team behind your favorite games. You can usually find these sources at your local library, from Reddit AMAs with your favorite artists, interviews on Youtube, podcasts, or blogs.

2. What are your inspiration killers?

Maybe you’re not having trouble finding inspiration, but rather you’re having trouble sustaining that momentum of inspiration? The environment around you plays a big part in cultivating that inspiration. Some people take their laptops and find they work best at a coffee shop, but some may find that environment to be too busy or noisy to work in. While creating in ideal environments would work for anyone, for some people, stepping outside of their comfort zone is when work at their best, or at least in an environment that isn’t usual for them. Ask yourself if a change of environment is something you’re willing to change. The right environment can lead to opportunities that you wouldn’t have otherwise known if you decided to take that step. Some developers and artists learn best in a structured environment, like a classroom – our classrooms give our students a collaborative setting, much like a studio in the film or video game industry.

3. See things from a different perspective.

Think about what hasn’t worked and what has. Are there things you’ve always thought about trying? Sometimes the things that haven’t worked for your friends, might actually work great for you. If you’re used to specializing in a certain area of game development or VFX, maybe it’s time to try something new. If you’re programming, why not pick up a little bit of 3D art? Learning something new and working in a different perspective you’re used to not only broadens your skills, but it offers knowledge you wouldn’t have otherwise known. Best of all, maybe you’re able to give new perspective to a 3D artist as a programmer.
Learning a new craft or a certain aspect of your specialization may take commitment, but you won’t know unless you try.

Creative block is a serious issue in any creative field – the possibility to create something that can leave such a positive impact on someone is extremely rewarding. Everyone can prevent creative block, it’s a matter of how willing you are to prevent it.