Orientation at AIE

How can I prepare myself for Orientation at AIE?

Summer is almost over, and orientation at AIE has concluded. This means our first year class has begun for the next wave of future industry professionals. Every year, we host an orientation including all of our programs and we learn something new. Orientation is important to us, as it is the best time to express to students our core values as an animation and video game development college. After interacting with the new students, we thought to bring the AIE orientation experience to you. If you plan on enrolling at AIE for next year, let this be your guide for what you can expect on orientation day.

Networking and Communication

Seattle Head of School, James Cardo on Orientation Day 2018.

At AIE, we take networking and communication very seriously. The best in the film and video game industry knows this well, so we implement it into our curriculum – starting on orientation. We take this opportunity for all our first-year students (from all programs) to meet with each other at the AIE Student Mixer. The Head of School arranges exercises that challenge students on a social level, encouraging a healthy learning environment. Since our classrooms are modeled how a studio runs in the industry, we make no exception as educators in game development and film.

Networking is the foundation of these creative industries, so it is essential for students to learn as early as possible. The Head of School organizes these networking exercises, and discusses the importance of professionalism and accountability. The student mixer also covers various networking events throughout the year, such as Lunchbox Wednesdays, PAX South, PAX West, iFest and Artcade.

Your Career Starts Right Here, Right Now

All Nighter Games was the first student team to win the People’s Choice Award at iFest 2018.

Orientation is the start of your journey towards becoming a professional in your program. On the subject of accountability and reliability, our Industry Relations specialist, your instructors, and your peers will be expecting a lot from you. We all start somewhere, and while we are all here to help prepare you to make the first steps in your chosen career path, it is up to you to follow through. Everyone on our advisory board, including your instructors, have years of experience and knowledge that they are passing along to you. While we provide the tools and knowledge to help set you up for success, it is up to you on how you will develop yourself as a professional, and how you will make your mark in the industry.

AIE Welcomes You to the Industry

After meeting your instructors and your mentors, there is a time for self-reflection. Are you driven by inspiration and creativity? What lengths are you willing to go to realize your dreams? Are you ready to launch your career? Those are the same questions a lot of our alumni had in their mind before sending in their application at AIE. If you’re nervous about starting, you won’t be for much longer – because you have already begun to take the first steps as an industry professional. As long as you have the determination to network and a portfolio that shows us your dedication to your craft, we want to hear from you! Keep in mind there are only a limited number of seats to fill, so if you haven’t turned in your application yet, you can start the process right now.