Seattle Graduation Ceremony

To celebrate our new grads, Nathan Camp (2015 AIE alumnus, Industrial Light & Magic) visited all the way from California to give a speech.

Once an aspiring actor, Nathan was able to his passion for film at AIE Seattle, under the tutelage of Vic Bonilla, the instructor for 3D Animation & VFX for Film program. A lot has happened since, earning himself credits through the legendary Industrial Light & Magic for films such as: Ready Player One, Avengers: Infinity War, 12 Strong, and more to come. He spoke about the importance of one creating their own story, asking the new alumni...

How will your story be told?

We also want to give our deepest gratitude and congratulate the following students. These students in particular have earned awards for their dedication, leadership, and impact inside and outside the studios at AIE:

Talon Grijalva – Legacy Award (Game Art & Animation)

Shea McAuley - Valedictorian (Game Programming)

Corwin Waldron – Valedictorian (Game Art & Animation)

Andy Burt – Valedictorian (3D Animation & VFX for Film)

Just as our students and Nathan Camp has left his impact on the Academy and the industry, we were inspired by his words to share the stories of our students and grads alike.

Stay tuned for AIE Stories, a series of stories from our grads, incoming students, current students, and even instructors.