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Portfolio Requirements

Game ProgrammingGame Programming

Applicants who have no prior experience should take some time ahead of their interview to explore some of the freely available tools and share their newfound projects as their portfolio. Many students spend a week going through the JavaScript course at Codecademy or follow some of the game development tutorials from the JavaScript course at Codecademy or follow some of the game development tutorials from the Learn section for Unity3D.

Game Programming portfolios from successful applicants provide both source code and playable builds for projects created with Visual Studio, Unity3D, GameMaker, or other development tools. Links to published works on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store,, or other storefronts are also welcome.

Game AnimationGame Art and Animation

The Game Art and Animation portfolio should demonstrate the aptitude to visually communicate. Applicants should provide 5-15 examples of their work, with at least one drawing from life (still, gesture, environment, etc.) Past portfolios have included oil paintings, gesture drawings, still lifes, poster designs, short animations, sculptures, concept art, character, level designs, and many more media.

The work chosen for the portfolio should be the applicant’s best examples. The Portfolio Review will be based on the creative process from concept to presentation.

Screen3D Animation and VFX for Film

The portfolio for 3d Animation and VFX should contain evidence of creative ability. Applicants who have explored animation and/or visual effects should provide their best examples. Applicants who have a strong interest in the area, but do not have previous experience, should use the portfolio to demonstrate their ability to imagine and realize a creative piece of work in media that they are more familiar with.

All applicants should provide at least one drawing from life (still, gesture, environment, etc.). Portfolios can include short animations, gesture drawings, poster designs, sculptures, concept art and character designs. We will ask you about your creative process from concept to presentation during the portfolio review.

ScreenGame Design and Production

Suggestions of what your portfolio should consist of: any creative work you have produced by yourself as well as that you’ve created as part of a team. We’re interested in everything – stories, movies, animations, games, illustrations, websites, advertising – if it can be designed, we want to see it. We are particularly interested in understanding the process you took to reach that design goal and the role you played in bringing the idea to life.

Required portfolio component: Writing sample! We want to see how you communicate. With the suggestions we listed above, include a writing sample that is approximately 400 words. (This writing sample is a separate piece than the statement in your application.) The writing sample can be academic, a film review, an article, a discussion of game design and development, or any piece that communicates your vision. If you don’t have a writing sample, write one! A great way for us to see how you think is to write a critique of a video game, explaining what choices the designers made and include suggestions on what you would do to make the game better.