Another Successful GGJ for 2018!

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Seattle had the distinct pleasure of once again hosting Global Game Jam. This year is definitely special because it is the 10th year of this mighty event! Every year this event always changes in regards to it’s participation. This year our attendance has doubled from last year. We had over 80 attendees last year and now this year we had close to 200 gamers that signed up! Last year our GGJ was located at the Pacific Science Center next to the butterfly exhibit. This year we are still on the Science Center campus but in a bigger exhibit hall to house our increased number of jammers!

This year the teams were more time efficient on their planning and execution for their games. The first day you can feel the excitement in the air, Jammers were energized & enthused to get their projects started. The second day the room was more quite and laidback. Not because more Jammers were sleeping, it was because everyone was focused & locked in to complete their projects on time. We already knew that Seattle is hub for the gaming industry. But this event truly shows that the future continues to shine bright in this market for gaming.

Kudos to all of the AIE staff that helped out with this years Game Jam. Also a special shout out to our awesome Programming Instructor Terry Nguyen who organized this event! Fantastic job Terry!