AIE Student Games being showcased at Washington State Gaming Expo 2024!

From this Friday March 29 through to March 31 we will be at Washington State Gaming Expo showcasing three student games: Tenebrous, Fish Gun, and Kettle Grove! You can play as a ghost pirate turning fish into aquatic armaments, chase down Lume the agent of light or build up and explore the bustling village of Kettle Grove.
Check out each game trailer below!

Kettle Grove: Critter Crafters

Assist the Anokke in their various requests to build up the bustling Village. Go fishing with Morris, have a drink with Sully, or a tea party with Tippy! Along the way find your sense of style in the wardrobe and look for all the secrets Kettle Grove has to offer!

Fish Gun

A first person shooter where you play as a ghost pirate protecting their hard-earned booty from sirens using nothing but the fish in the sea!

  • Survive the Attack: Use your fish to fend off the sirens for as long as possible!
  • Cursed ghost pirates: Put those pillaging and plundering skills to use to "pillage" fish from the water and "plunder" the siren's insides!
  • Fish weaponry: Harpoon fish from the environment and put them to use as aquatic armaments!


Play this first-person platformer as Ten, an agent of darkness. Chase down Lume, an agent of light, for burning down your home. Enter Lume's light temple, use her minions of light to navigate, and take her down.