Artcade June 20th 2020

Artcade is a FREE online event dedicated to promoting video game development, independent film and art unique to Acadiana

Join us June 20th at noon to hear from game developers and see their latest projects.

You’ll also see projects by the Academy of Interactive Entertainment’s Class of 2020, and will have the opportunity to play them on afterwards. Below is the list of projects that will be there:


Vigilum is a 3rd person strategy game where opposing players lead a squad of units to destroy their opponent's base. Set in the underground of a Sci-fi society, two warring factions of machines fight to take control of the abandoned human environment.

Controlled by their all-seeing AI's, they each unite the machine under their control to lay siege to the other opponent. Only one AI can thrive in the underground, but who will it be is decided by the players who command them!

In the game, two players each command an army of robots tasked with destroying the other team’s control tower. Via 3rd person, the player physically leads their machines through using formations that possess both strengths and weaknesses.

Each formation is effective against another but can also be countered, leading to a careful game of strategy. Vigilance is key, for the opponent will also be trying to counter you so plan carefully and act accordingly.


  • Caleb Shaw - Art Lead, Environment Artist, Rigging
  • Cooper Hall - Game Design Lead, Level Design, Audio
  • David Warford - Build Development, AI Programming, Systems Design
  • Jacob Neptune - Animation, VFX Artist, Producer
  • Jennamarie Hunter - Prop Artist, Texture Artist, UI Artist
  • Joe Largent - Character Artist, Concept Art
  • Noah Albright - Programming Lead, UI Systems, System Bugs and Tweaks
  • Tyrese Buckhanon - Design, Documentation, Shaders


Detox is a third person RPG headed by an apothecary fairy trying to cure her home forest of a toxic corruption.

A toxic smog has engulfed Maliya's home forest. As the only medical fairy in the village, it is up to her to use her magic powers to rid her neighbors of the corruption that is consuming them. However, not only has the fog taken her ability to fly, it is even dissolving her wings! Once her wings have completely disappeared, she will lose the strength to move on. She is able to restore them through crafting potions, but only if she has access to her workstation.


  • Megan Bahtijaragic - Character & Environment Artist
  • Camden Cecrle - Tech Artist
  • Jaycee Isenhart - Character Animator & Rigging Artist
  • Soreiany Khong - Art Director, Character Artist, & UI Artist
  • Lake Wilson - Environment Artist
  • Sapphire Fowler - Programming Lead, Gameplay & UI Programmer
  • Nathan Knebusch - Gameplay & Sound Programmer
  • James Cartwright - Lead Designer & Producer
  • Jorden Dobson - Designer & Producer
  • Peter Neill - Music
  • Lake Wilson - Lead Sound Designer


Orion is a first-person stealth game where the player takes the role of a bounty hunter. Armed only with a magical bow, they must destroy a portal which destructive Smilers are pouring from!


  • Trent Wood - Producer/Sound Designer/Scrum Master
  • Matt Dowling - Lead Designer
  • Jonathan Day - Gameplay Programmer
  • Carter Patterson - AI Programmer
  • Ray Soyama - Tech Lead/Systems Programmer
  • Travis Fisk - Art Lead/Animation Artist
  • Erin Kiema - Environment Artist
  • Tristen Theiner - Rigging Artist
  • Sterling Savoy - UI/FX Artist
  • Hayden Nichols - Character Artist

Swamp Raider

Armed with a power induced saber forged from the era of the beasts, the only thing standing between the explorer and the shards of the past are the worshipers of the temple and those of reside in it. Slash, and dash your way through the opposing savages of the boggy creek. Traverse through crumbling ruins that have been overtaken by the harsh environment. Beware the nocturnal nightmare amide the center of the swamp.


  • Michael Ha - (Lead Artist) Tiki enemy model, Environment Lighting/VFX, Alpha Level design
  • Destiny Aytes - (Artist) Main character model, Character animations
  • Justin Williams - (Artist) Main character concept, Armor model, and Textures
  • Nathan Reed - (Artist) Tiki enemy animations, Environment models, Ruins
  • Jenee Creviston - (Artist) page design, Bat enemy concept, model and textures
  • Gavin Coffelt - (Lead Programmer) Main character controls, Audio integration, Animation integration
  • Ryan Healy - (Programmer) Enemy AI, UI programming
  • Randal Murray - (Lead Designer) Producer, Sound designer, Level coordinator
  • Aaron "Ronnie" Jones - (Designer) Hack n' plan coordinator, Particle

The Faded Grove

After countless adventures, Agatha has returned to her childhood home, only to find her mentor petrified and the once-vibrant woods she loves bereft of color.

This isometric puzzle game mingles the nostalgia of classics such as Zelda with a modern stylization to create a one-of-a-kind atmospheric experience. Step into the worn-down boots of a veteran adventurer as she combats perilous foes, thwarts tricky puzzles, and restores color to the forest she loves.


  • Xan Farley - Producer, Narrative Designer
  • Joshua Livingston - Level & Gameplay Desinger
  • Joshua Yang - Gameplay Systems Engineer, Build Engineer
  • Alexis Serna - Gameplay & Sound Programmer
  • Marcel Dao - AI Programming, FX
  • Audrey Meyer - Art Director, Rigger, Environment & Character FX artist
  • Erika Amos - Character & Concept Artist
  • Travis Benton - Character & Concept Artist, Rigger
  • Elli-Aliisa Viljamaa - Character Artist, Rigger, Animator
  • Kylie Walker - UX/UI Artist, Marketing Artist

Bloop Troop

Bloop Troop is an auto-scrolling game where you control a school of fish fleeing from a ferocious and frightening predator!

The levels you will be traversing through are filled with enemies and a deadly shark hunting after you.
You collect fish through a maze of obstacles to increase the size of your school.

The style of Bloop Troop evokes a crafted design. From the boss to the environment to even the user interface, it is meant to be a fun and energetic arts & crafts puppet show!


  • Adrian Chark - Art
  • Alexis Peters - Art
  • River Bue - Art
  • Robert Blanchard - Art
  • Selvyn Bell - Art
  • Tavian Bell - Art
  • Taylor Giarrusso - Art
  • Beaux Rome - Programming
  • Emmanuel Roberson - Programming

First Frost

Winter’s late. A snow sprite must collect the wisps of winter to bring balance to the forest. Animals, corrupted by their inability to fall into slumber, block your path. With wisps in tow, light winter’s shrine to let the wilds rest.

First Frost is a third-person perspective game about bringing winter back to a restless forest. As a snow sprite, you'll have to collect winter wisps scattered through the forest, running and jumping to traverse the landscape while hiding from and evading corrupted creatures.


  • Alex English - Art
  • Devyn Ardoin - Art
  • Lucas Oliver - Art
  • Nicholas Hutson - Art
  • Sata Conner - Art
  • Wyatt Belgard - Art
  • Lodis Perkins - Programming
  • Steffan Mouton - Programming

Sound Asleep

Sound Asleep is a sound-based stealth game where you play as a young child trapped in a nightmare being chased by a monster you can’t see. You seem to be home, but your nightmare has twisted your concept of reality. You must use your music box to better navigate your surroundings, avoid the wandering creature, and search the house for items that you hold dear in order to wake up.


  • Blake Menard - Art
  • Brandon Liles - Art
  • Calvin Guidry - Art
  • Cord Galeano - Art
  • Daniel Wirtz - Art
  • Kayleigh Bryant - Art
  • Jordon Cotton - Programming
  • Juan Manzanares - Programming