Global Game Jam Next

GGJ NEXT™ is an international game jam dedicated to young creators.

What is a game jam?

The goal of a game jam is to come together and make a game (be it a videogame, board game, card game…) Jammers quickly come up with new ideas, and make quick sketches of how they might work to prototype and playtest. Often jammers have a theme or central idea to work with. The brief time span will encourage creative thinking and hopefully innovative experimental games.

Global Game Jam Next ® is Affiliated with the official Global Game Jam ®

What is GGJ NEXT™?

The GGJ NEXT jam aims to bring together talented young people (ages 12-17) within their school and community. It is a unique opportunity for students to learn new STEAM skills, and improve their creative thinking and exploration in a safe space.

The GGJ NEXT jam will happen all over the globe based around a central theme. The theme will be given to jammers the day they start their jam!

When is the GGJ NEXT jam?

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) and Pacific Science Center have teamed up to host the first official year of Global Game Jam Next! Jammers ages 12-17 years are welcome to participate – no prior training needed. The event is free, but seating is limited!

The event will take place at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment and the Pacific Science Center July 29th - August 3rd, as detailed in the daily schedule below:


The event concludes on Saturday, August 3rd from 10am to 2pm at the Pacific Science Center. This will be a showcase of all the games, and families & friends are invited to attend the presentations.

Jammers are encouraged to bring a notebook or sketch pad, pencils, a water bottle, and a sack lunch. (AIE will provide snacks.)

Register for Global Game Jam Next by July 26th using the form on this page.

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