Louisiana Strong

On Friday August 12th 2016 thousands of Acadiana residents were stranded in flooded homes amid closed roads and highways after heavy rainfall pounded the area overnight and throughout the day, with several more inches of steady rain pouring over the area throughout the weekend.

All public, private schools and colleges were either closed or forced to postpone the Fall 2016 school year as staff and employees were encouraged and even instructed by law to remain home or find safe shelter. Normal daily life was forced to take a backseat to the unforgiving weather.

Not for AIE Lafayette’s students…

Over the course of the weekend students both new and existing inundated AIE email inboxes and phone lines with concerns of whether or not classes would still take place as scheduled. Not because of their obligations to assist in recovery efforts. Not because of any substantial losses they may have incurred. No, because nothing, not even record-breaking flooding, would stop them from beginning, or in the case of our 2nd year students, continuing their two-year journey into the realm of video game development. Hats off to each and every one of you diligent and determined scholars of the digital age. AIE Lafayette’s staff is both honored and proud to even be in the same room as you. Here’s to a fantastic year!

Louisiana strong!