History Meets Virtual Reality: AIE x Seattle Public Library

Not only does the Academy of Interactive Entertainment students get to collectively work together on projects for Minor and Major Production, but students are also given the opportunity to work with a real client.

Working with a client varies with each program, and this time a team of our Game Art & Animation students are working with the Seattle Public Library on a virtual reality project. For inspiration and references, the team of 5 visited the Renton History Museum, and the Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center.

Mentorship at AIE - AIE"I'm excited to work on an educational project that doesn't measure its success in profit. I'm also excited for the challenge of creating photo-real art, as this always leads to skill improvements and personal growth.

Corwin Waldron, Game Art & Animation

Visit Corwin Waldron on Artstation to check out his work.

The Seattle Public Library will be creating 5 episodes optimized for the virtual reality platform. Museum attendees and users will experience moments of Seattle's history in virtual reality. The episode these students will be working on takes place on the Duwamish River, several hundred years ago. The experience will focus on showing how the Duwamish people lived, maintaining as much historical accuracy as possible.

The AIE student team consists of Game Art & Animation students and grads: Corwin Waldron, Joey Baleda, Erin Kiema, Erika Amos, and Jessica Hose. The team will create 3D art assets for this scene, which will be used alongside other assets created through photogrammetry.

Visit the Seattle Public Library during September 9th-28th to experience it all at The Duwamish River in Virtual Reality exhibit.

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