Student Games

Check out the games made by students at AIE from our campuses in Seattle, Lafayette, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Online!


Action RPG

Legion Fall is a 3rd person, historical-fantasy game, where the player fights barbarians while exploring a mysterious valley to find the Legion’s lost messenger.

Game Developers:

  • Saxon Hutchinson - Designer
  • Thomas Wooster - Programmer
  • Sarah Staley – 3D Artist
  • RJ O'Sullivan – 3DArtist
  • Robert Dickson – 3D Artist
  • Aaron Lalor – 3D Artist
  • Chris O'Neill – 3D Artist


Turn-Based Shooter

In this strategic turn-based shooter, you can disintegrate your enemies with unique lasers that ricochet off the environment.

Game Developers:

  • Kyle Ryan – Designer, Producer
  • Ashely Sewell – Programmer, Tech Artist
  • Daniel Bain - Tech Artist, VFX Artist, 3D Generalist
  • Percival Relucio Jr. – 3D Generalist, 3D Animation
  • Twinkle Taylor – GUI Artist, 3D Generalist, 3D Animation

Ancient Swarm

First-Person Shooter

Fight your way throughout the ancient sanctum to unlock better weapons and equipment using the souls from the dead you have defeated, and last as long as you can in a frantic fight against the infinite dead!

Game Developers:

  • Dylan Clarke - Level Design, Secondary Sound Design, Promotional Material
  • Jay Miller - Lead Design & Project Management
  • Elliott Marshall - Gameplay and Weapons Systems Programmer
  • Jordan Sangster-Williams - AI and UI Programmer
  • Tamara Lynch - Character & UI Artist
  • D'arcy Knock - Environmental and Weapon Artist
  • Sam Byrne - Sound Design

First Frost

Exploration Adventure

A snow sprite must collect the wisps of winter to bring balance to the forest.  Animals, corrupted by their inability to fall into slumber, block your path.  With wisps in tow, light winter’s shrine to let the wilds rest.

Game Developers:

  • Alex English - Level design, Environment, Particle Effects
  • Devyn Ardoin - Environment Modeling, Texturing
  • Lucas Oliver - Animation
  • Nicholas Hutson - Lighting, Particle Effects
  • Sata Conner - Character, Environment Modeling, Audio Balance
  • Wyatt Belgard - Unreal implementation, Substance Designer
  • Steffan Mouton - Game State, Player Programmer
  • Lodis Perkins - Enemy AI Programmer
  • Nicholas Hutson - Unreal Blueprints
  • Jasper Doise - Audio FX

The Faded Grove

Isometric Puzzle Game

After countless adventures, Agatha has returned to her childhood home, only to find her mentor petrified and the once-vibrant woods she loves bereft of color.

Game Developers:

  • Xan Farley - Producer, Narrative Designer
  • Joshua Livingston - Level & Gameplay Designer
  • Joshua Yang - Gameplay Systems Engineer,  Build Engineer
  • Alexis Serna - Gameplay & Sound Programmer
  • Marcel Dao - AI Programming, FX
  • Audrey Meyer - Art Director, Rigger, Environment & Character FX artist
  • Erika Amos - Character & Concept Artist
  • Travis Benton - Character & Concept Artist, Rigger, Animator
  • Elli-Aliisa Viljamaa - Character & Concept Artist, Rigger, Animator
  • Kylie Walker - UX/UI Artist, Marketing Artist


First-Person Action

In Cosmosis you step into the shoes of an apprentice mage, sent into a void to prove your worthiness in a final trial. This final trial gives you a little bit of time to master your nifty Spider-Man-esque grappling skills, before you face off against a huge demon lord who has an assortment of nasty attacks that could get the better of lesser skilled mages.

Game Developers:

  • Lachlan Frayne - Designer
  • James Kemeny - Designer
  • Nic Van Zuylen - Programmer
  • Lachlan Mesman - Programmer
  • Hana Jones - 3D Artist
  • Kane Sedonja - 3D Artist
  • Nathan Burt - 3D Artist
  • Steven Van Der Graaf -Masters - 3D Artist

Human Simulator
Lyre Lyre Studios - AIE Alumni

Comedy Simulator

Meet Mr Hugh Mann. Hugh loves humans, and he wants to be just like them. Help Hugh to fit in and learn what human life is like by manually moving his head, arms and legs as you work together to explore an array of fun and wacky jobs in the pursuit of helping Hugh to fit in and be accepted by all!

This game was made by the Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) students in AIE's incubator program.

Game Developers:

  • Harry Eason - Designer
  • Ronald Cheung - Programmer
  • Robert Deal - Technical Artist
  • Nathan Valentino - Character Artist

Bounce Knight
Ceej Games - AIE Alumni

Retro Action Platformer

Enter the Pekomancer's floating fortress and survive his gauntlet of traps, enemies, dungeons and defeat each of the world's bosses to rescue your Beloved dog...and maybe the princess if you want to.

Use your sword in a variety of ways, from cutting open chests and doors to thrusting it into walls to trampoline into hard to reach areas.

This game was made by the Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) students in AIE's incubator program.

Game Developers:

  • CJ Gardner - Lead Designer. Programmer, Artist.

Neon Beat Rider
Neon Joystick Games - AIE alumni

Retro Arcade

Neon Beat Rider is a fast-paced rhythm game where you race through obstacle courses generated by the music you put in!
Load up an MP3, customise your ship, and race through a diverse set of neon-blasted environments, inspired by synthwave and retro themes.
There's also a branching story you can play through, with a soundtrack by synthwave artists Droid Bishop and A Space Love Adventure. Ride the beats!

This game was brought to you by a team that continued through to the AIE Graduate Diploma of Management (learning) and AIE's incubator program.

This game was made by the Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) students in AIE's incubator program.

Game Developers:

  • Tyler Smart- Designer, Marketing
  • Andrew Iveson- Designer
  • Antoine Odi- Programmer
  • Matt Korner- Artist
  • Travis Norton- Designer
  • Stephen King- Programmer

Defender of Seattle

VR Action

Defender of Seattle is a VR experience created for Make-A-Wish® Alaska & Washington in collaboration with the Academy of Interactive Entertainment and Virtual World Society.

Game Developers:

  • Alaric Trevers - Producer
  • Cade Anderson - Programmer
  • Forrest McCarthy - Programmer
  • Peter Neill - Lead Character Artist
  • Jessica Hose - Character Artist and Animator
  • Kate Kruse - VFX and Character Rigger
  • Joey Baleda - Environment, Prop Artist, and QA
  • Cody Stamm - Environment and Prop Artist
  • Misty Loreen - Faculty Advisor
  • Terry Nguyen - Faculty, Additional Programming