Why Study at AIE

At the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE), innovation is its own reward, our success is measured by your success, and experience counts for everything. Level up by completing industry-style projects taught by teachers with hundreds of years of collective experience making games and films. When you join us, you enter a realm of possibilities where you learn how to create new worlds, stories, and experiences.

AIE Student Work | Out of Gas

AIE is a non-profit educator established in 1996 to grow and support the game industry. Our unique curriculum is offered in the United States and Australia, and provides you with the training needed to join our other graduates as entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators in the video game industry.

We’ve Got the Industry Connections

AIE is one of the oldest, most experienced colleges in the industry, and has built strong ties to many world-famous companies. Our curriculum advisory board members come from such companies as Valve, Hidden Path, Zombie Studios, and 5th Cell. Our graduate destinations include: 2K Games, Atari, Bioware, Blizzard Activision, Electronic Arts, Rockstar Games, SEGA, Sony, THQ, Ubisoft, and many more.

Curriculum Focused on Industry Skills and Placements

Our programs are taught in a hands-on, studio-style setting that simulates actual industry environments. During 1,600 contact hours with AIE faculty, students create show reels, complete team projects, and learn everything they need to know through a task-based learning system.

Teachers Who Have "Been There and Done That"

AIE faculty have countless years of industry experience, hundreds of game titles shipped, and numerous published papers and books. They offer invaluable insight into the world of game development and animation.

We are Where the Action is

AIE’s Seattle campus is situated in the Seattle Center, where the iconic Space Needle can be seen from our classrooms. Seattle has long been a hub for the video game industry, home to Microsoft, Bungie, ArenaNet, Nintendo of America, Valve and many emerging independent game studios. Our Lafayette campus is located in the LITE Center, a state-of-the-art facility home to both industry and academic institutions where collaboration happens every day. Lafayette is the heart of Cajun culture and is an emerging center for the next wave of technologies for use in the film, military, and medical industries.

Known Around the World

Our newest international campuses are in Seattle, WA, and Lafayette, LA, and join our oldest ones in Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra, Australia. We offer our students the opportunity to study abroad at any of our campuses.