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3D Animation & VFX for FilmAdvanced Diploma of Screen and Media
Associate of Occupational Studies in 3D Animation and Visual FX

Want to develop photorealistic visual effects for film, TV or animation for cartoons?

The 3D Animation & Visual FX program is a practical course, designed by industry to give you the best technical training to work as a 3D artist in the film and animation industry using the same tools and technology used by top visual effects studios.

Year 1
Students will concept, model and animate characters, design real-time environments, create high detail creatures and craft a short animated movie. Students develop skills in 3D modeling, texturing, UVW unwrapping, rigging, animation, lighting, using cameras, rendering and compositing.

Year 2
Students will work in teams which emulate real-world industry workplaces. Subjects include advanced high polygon modeling, lighting, texturing, advanced character animation, time and project management, compositing and storyboarding.

Major Film Project

Students are required to complete two major group projects during the second year. One is a group project that simulates the industry, and the other is an individual assessment following the pre-production model, beginning with concepts and storyboard, and following through to the final project.

These projects along with individual projects will supply impressive footage for individual graduate showreels, demonstrating proficiency in all aspects of animation production, ranging from animatic and character modeling to post-production.

Accredited Qualifications

Advanced Diploma - Seattle and Lafayette Campuses

The Advanced Diploma program runs over two-years for 65 semester credit hours. This program is approved by the Council on Occupational Education and the US Department of Education.

Associate Degree - Lafayette Campus

The Associate Degree program runs over two an a half years or five semesters for 80 semester credits. This program is approved by the Council on Occupational Education and US Department of Education.

The Associate of Occupational Studies in 3D Animation and Visual FX adds an academic component with the goal of producing graduates exposed to basic academic principles in addition to the technological aspects of the Avanced Diploma program.

General Education Courses required: 15 semester credit hours

  • English Composition
  • College Algebra
  • Introduction to Physical Science
  • Introduction to Visual Arts
  • Introduction to Sociology

“The transfer of credits that a student earns at AIE Lafayette is at the complete discretion of the institution to which he/she may seek to transfer. For this reason, the student should make certain that his/her attendance at AIE will meet his/her educational goals. AIE Lafayette does not imply, promise or guarantee that any credits earned will transfer or be accepted by any other institution. It is the student’s responsibility to find out in advance of enrollment whether the receiving institution will recognize/accept any credits/courses earned at AIE”


Students utilize industry standard software and resources such as:

  • Maya — Modeling, rigging, animation & rendering
  • ZBrush — High detail sculpting
  • Photoshop — Concept art and texturing
  • After Effects — Compositing and lighting
  • Nuke — Compositing and match-moving
  • Adobe Premiere — Video editing
Learning Objectives

For full program details, please see our Student Handbook

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