Seattle Housing Resources

AIE is in partnership with Cornish Commons for student housing, a vibrant and modern college residential community a 20-minute walk to and from AIE campus!

General information, including pricing based on room types can be found on the Cornish Commons website, click here: Cornish Commons.

To apply as an AIE student (only accepted and enrolled students are eligible) click here: AIE Cornish Commons Housing Application.

Below is a list of resources we have compiled to help you in your search for housing and transportation in the area. Please note that AIE is not affiliated with these organizations; links provided are meant to be for information only.

If you are an enrolled incoming student and you are interested in finding housing and or an AIE classmate to be your roommate, please contact Student Services this summer. We will provide you options and facilitate a forum for you to contact other students and pursue housing together.

Classified Advertising:

Some studio rental examples:

Other Trip Planning Sites: