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Sinkholes have been reported to appear around Seattle, and a seismologist is on the case. What she finds, however, is something that no one could have prepared her for…

Foam Sword Battle 2017

AIE students, staff, and faculty took to the South Fountain Lawn at Seattle Center to participate in the 2nd Annual AIE Foam Sword battle.

Grunka Munka wins with Collidalot

Collidalot was featured at iFEST, and PAX West. The Audience Choice Award helped Grunka Munka and Collidalot break into the indie game scene in Seattle.

Play Indie Games at iFEST 2017

AIE is hosting iFEST, a festival devoted to indie games of all types, including video, board, card, etc.

We used the force at ECCC17

The City of Seattle was once again fired up for the 2017 Emerald City Comicon (ECCC), which was held at the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle, WA.

Playing Politics at Hill Day

AIE Seattle had the great opportunity to be a part of “Hill Day” in Olympia at the Washington State capital recently. This event was sponsored by “Careers That Work” who graciously invited us.

Industry Veterans Help Our Students

Our Lafayette Campus has recently been packed to the brim with new, exciting guests!

Learning How to Save a Life

Heart attacks happen anywhere and with no warning. At AIE, we want to do everything we can to keep our students, staff, neighbors, and visitors safe and secure.

Louisiana Strong

On Friday August 12th 2016 thousands of Acadiana residents were stranded in flooded homes amid closed roads and highways…

Top Reasons Why Playing Games Can Be Good For You

In case you didn’t know, nearly everyone at AIE plays video games for fun or research on any given day. With that said, most parents or people unfamiliar with the gaming industry will shun such activities since they are unaware of the possible benefits of gaming on a regular basis…playing a video game is a fun way to give your brain a workout!