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Tips From Our Alumni - AIE

Tips from Our Alumni

If you plan on starting your educational journey at AIE in 2019/2020, here are some awesome tips from our alumni. Leadership and being a team player are not mutually exclusive. “What I have discovered that gives you an edge in this industry, is learning the pipeline and how your role affects other team members. If […]

What Type of Math Is Required to Become a Game Designer? - AIE

What Type of Math Is Required to Become a Game Designer?

Trigonometry Google says trigonometry is: “the branch of mathematics dealing with the relations of the sides and angles of triangles and with the relevant functions of any angles,” which might sound a little boring at first, but let’s break that down a bit. Two of the most primitive forms of AI (Artificial Intelligence) are Turrets […]

Virtual Reality in the Classroom

How do our students learn how to optimize their games in virtual reality in the classroom? AIE is a college of the interactive entertainment arts, so it is natural for our team to embrace virtual reality in our studio-modeled classrooms. As virtual reality reaches new heights as a platform in the video game industry, the […]

Introductory Courses | AIE US

Intro Courses in Game Development and Film

Are the Intro Courses right for me? Intro Courses are a great way for anyone who may be interested in getting their feet wet in a certain program in a small classroom setting, or if someone is particularly interested in what a career in video games or film might be like. Whether you are in […]

Work Station Specifications for Game Programmers

Work Station Specifications for Game Programmers

What kind of specifications are required to learn game programming at home? Since we provide the tools that are necessary for our students to succeed in the classroom, we get a ton of questions regarding work station specifications for game programmers, allowing students to continue developing their games at home. The instructors have shared their […]

Academy of Interactive Entertainment - Game Designer

3 Things Studios Want in a Game Designer

Your obsession with playing games knows no bounds – but what about creating them as a game designer? Whether you’ve established yourself as a junior designer, or you’re looking into becoming a game designer, it’s good to know what studios are looking for. We’ll unravel the top 3 qualities studios will be looking for when […]

Academy of Interactive Entertainment - Game Programmer

3 Things Studios Want in a Game Programmer

Increased popularity in computer, mobile, and console gaming has peaked the interest of many individuals seeking to break into the game programming industry. Well, that and the prospect of designing the next AAA title and becoming a part of a triple billion-dollar industry. Being a game programmer is a role that is rewarded highly in one […]

Interactive Experience Day | Seattle and Lafayette AIE US

Interactive Experience Day – July 14th 2018

AIE’s  Interactive Experience Days are a great opportunity to learn about the local and international game development, 3D animation and visual effects industries.

Academy of Interactive Entertainment - Character Art

Level Up Industry Lesson: 3D Animator

So far, we went over the career path of the Game Designer and the Video Game Producer; this time, we are exploring the career track of a 3D animator. In this Level Up Industry Lesson, we’ll be going over what a 3D Animator does, and the requirements of what it takes to become one. Meet […]

Graduation 2018 | AIE US

Graduation 2018 – June 15th & 19th

Please join us in celebrating our Graduating Class of 2017!