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The Difference Between Game Design and Game Art

What is the Difference between Game Design and Game Art? We’ll be answering this question using the classic game of Chess. Chess is a well-known game with traditional white chess pieces, black chess pieces, set up on a field of black and white. The pieces have different positions and rules on how they move across […]

Portfolio Guide: Game Design and Production

This Portfolio Prep Guide: Game Design & Production edition is to specifically help individuals who are considering in applying in our Game Design & Production program. Successful game designers must have stellar writing capability, the ability to communicate your creative ideas effectively, and evidence of putting a genuine effort in a secondary skill. If you […]

3 Unconventional Tricks for Storyboard Artists

We are immensely thankful to have expert storyboard artist, Victor Fuste, share with us what his top 3 Unconventional Tricks for Storyboard Artists are. Victor has taught as an Artistic Development Trainer for DreamWorks Animation for several years, and a plethora of creative studios in the animation industry. If your dream is become a storyboard […]

Virtual Reality in the Classroom

How do our students learn how to optimize their games in virtual reality in the classroom? AIE is a college of the interactive entertainment arts, so it is natural for our team to embrace virtual reality in our studio-modeled classrooms. As virtual reality reaches new heights as a platform in the video game industry, the […]

How to Prevent Feature Creep

What is Feature Creep? How do you prevent feature creep? Let’s go over some prevention tactics that industry professionals use to help streamline their workflow. Feature creep – otherwise known as “requirement creep” or “scope creep”, feature creep can happen at any time during the production of a project. Whether it’s coming up with an […]

Orientation at AIE

How can I prepare myself for Orientation at AIE? Summer is almost over, and orientation at AIE has concluded. This means our first year class has begun for the next wave of future industry professionals. Every year, we host an orientation including all of our programs and we learn something new. Orientation is important to […]

How to Prevent Creative Block

If you aren’t sure how to prevent creative block – don’t panic. We’ll go over some simple techniques on creative block prevention that you can put into action right away. 1. Identify your inspiration triggers. Look at some of your best pieces of work. Reflect on why you created that piece and why it’s significant […]

The 3 Phases of Film Production

The 3 phases of film production will be different for every studio, but the film industry typically follows the basic protocol in film creation. We’ll also go through which part the VFX artist comes in. Everything from crowd effects, blemish cover, sky replacement to changing tree colors, the VFX team contributes more than most people […]

Gamification in the Aviation Industry

When you constantly think about the future, you’ll know that new innovations have the potential to forever change society as we currently know it. New inventions that spark more ideas to challenge people’s thought process, creating new concepts that often lead to a new industry standard. As we all know, the rapid evolution of the […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Cross-Train

Cross-training in game development is not only more respected than you may think, but it is expected among an array of concentrations. While specializing in a certain software or mastering a technique or aspect of your expertise is what you should strive for, there are 3 great reasons why you should cross-train to solidify your […]