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Is a Career in VFX Right for Me? - AIE

Is a Career in VFX Right for Me?

Wondering if a career in VFX right for you? The visual effects industry for film has evolved into one of the top career choices today. It easily dominates areas of the entertainment industry such as TV and Film, Game Development, Animation, Advertising, the list goes on. What is it about VFX that makes sense to […]

Mentorship at AIE - AIE

Mentorship at AIE

“The mentorship at AIE was enlightening. I got to see what the second years were working on and understand how they problem solved the very things I struggled with. I learned the importance of community, and being able to share your discoveries and grow as a team. It’s something I’ve taken with me into the […]

How to Succeed in 3D Animation and VFX for Film

If you’ve been wondering on how to succeed in 3D Animation & VFX for Film, this is your chance to discover if you have those traits often found in the VFX artists who help create award-winning films and are employed by the industry’s top studios. Grit For some people, passion is like an unquenchable thirst. […]

Can I Work While Studying at AIE? - AIE

Can I Work While Studying at AIE Seattle?

Working While Studying at AIE Seattle At the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, we understand the importance of keeping a work/life balance for all students. Setting aside days at work and days on campus is very much possible for students who are studying at AIE Seattle. Many AIE Seattle students work part or even full-time jobs […]

Is a Career in Game Design Right for Me - AIE

Is a Career in Game Design Right for Me?

Playing games is very different than making games. How do you know if a career in game design is right for you? What are some of the earliest signs that someone might be on the path if they want to take your love for games to the next level? The easiest ways to identify and […]

How to Ace the Interview at AIE - AIE

How to Ace the Interview at AIE

Most of communication is nonverbal. Hero shot by Renee Teachout (Game Art & Animation 2nd year student.) Whether it’s for an interview to enroll at one of AIE’s programs, or a job interview, communication needs to be understood equally on both accounts. When you interview for a job or school, the most important thing with […]

Diversity in VR and Video Games - AIE

Diversity in VR and Video Games

We hosted our very first Diversity in VR and Video Games event at KEXP last night on October 25th, 2018. Cami Smith (Industry Relations at AIE) and Sarah Tan (Gameplay Engineer at Against Gravity) delivered a short and sweet but empowering speech to prep everyone for the speed networking event. The purpose of the event […]

The Difference Between a 4-Year Degree and an AIE Degree - Academy of Interactive Entertainment

The Difference Between a 4-Year Degree and an AIE Degree

How is AIE different? What is the difference between a 4-year degree and an AIE degree? The AIE difference is not only what you make of it, but how our instructing method compares to a traditional 4-year college, or even an bootcamp. While both of these can offer intensive short-term classes, this can stifle student […]

What to Do When You're Not Ready to Apply to College - Academy of Interactive Entertainment

What to Do When You’re Not Ready to Apply to College

Whether you have yet to graduate from high school or you need some more time to decide on a major, you might have wondered what to do when you’re not ready to apply to college. No matter the case, college is likely your next step. Define your financial means and establish a steady income. Even […]

Jesse Thomas - Academy of Interactive Entertainment

STEAM Careers in Interactive Entertainment

What is STEAM? Fish Statue created by Patrick Alderson (Game Art and Animation) Much like STEM, this learning concept introduces Art as applied in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields. Including the arts introduces a learning platform for those who are resourceful, and creatively driven when it comes to problem-solving. For those with the […]