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What to Do When You're Not Ready to Apply to College - Academy of Interactive Entertainment

What to Do When You’re Not Ready to Apply to College

Whether you have yet to graduate from high school or you need some more time to decide on a major, you might have wondered what to do when you’re not ready to apply to college. No matter the case, college is likely your next step. Define your financial means and establish a steady income. Even […]

Jesse Thomas - Academy of Interactive Entertainment

STEAM Careers in Interactive Entertainment

What is STEAM? Fish Statue created by Patrick Alderson (Game Art and Animation) Much like STEM, this learning concept introduces Art as applied in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields. Including the arts introduces a learning platform for those who are resourceful, and creatively driven when it comes to problem-solving. For those with the […]

Game Programming - Academy of Interactive Entertainment

Portfolio Guide: Game Programming

This Portfolio Guide: Game Programming edition is designed specifically to help anyone looking to apply to our Game Programming course. Above all else, the best programmers are the ones who can communicate that they have a proven interest in programming that they’ve acted on. There’s more to it (as you’ll see below) than just that, […]

Coding - Academy of Interactive Entertainment

5 Essential Tools for Beginner Game Developers

It can be daunting to find which programs to use when you are creating your first game, and it wasn’t easy to narrow it down to just 5 essential tools for beginner game developers. All of these were ranked as what our instructors believe are the most user-friendly and industry standard tools for any game […]

How To Tell Your Parents That You Want To Become a Game Developer - Academy of Interactive Entertainment

How to Tell Your Parents That You Want to Become a Game Developer

A father playing his child’s video game he created for Global Game Jam Next 2018. How do you tell your parents that you want to become a game developer? Making any kind of long-term commitment when it involves your career is always a tricky subject. This is especially true if game development was not a […]

How to Improve Public Speaking Skills

How do we improve public speaking skills? For the best advice, we ask TEDx speaker and our Game Design and Production instructor, Jim Flatmo. Jim has been designing games for most of his life, primarily active with live action role playing design, running his own independent game company, and being an advocate for gamification in […]

Portfolio Guide: Game Art and VFX

This Portfolio Prep Guide: Game Art & Animation edition is designed to specifically help individuals who are considering in applying in our Game Art & Animation program. Successful game artists must have stellar writing capability, the ability to communicate your creative ideas effectively, and evidence of putting a genuine effort in a secondary skill. If […]

2019 Applications Open | Academy of Interactive Entertainment


Fast-track your future – 2019 applications are now open. AIE is currently accepting students for its range of specialist, practical courses that are starting in February 2019 at all campuses. This is a great opportunity to kick-start your career in games and film. Applications are open for the following courses: Game Art & Animation (Diploma […]

AIE at PAX 2018

What was the experience like for AIE at PAX 2018? Once again, the city of Seattle was fired up for PAX West 2018 at the Washington State Convention Center. Our booth was an engaging display of student games and creations, encapsulating what AIE is all about to PAX West attendees. We believe all young professionals […]

The Difference Between Game Design and Game Art

What is the Difference between Game Design and Game Art? We’ll be answering this question using the classic game of Chess. Chess is a well-known game with traditional white chess pieces, black chess pieces, set up on a field of black and white. The pieces have different positions and rules on how they move across […]